Nstimer not invalidating

This ensures that filtering doesn’t hold up the main UI Thread.Basically I’ll wrap the filtering logic into its own function, wrap it in a GCD block, and, once the filtering completes, I can call set Needs Display to refresh the Flex Grid.You should suggest this to your user so they don't slip back into their old habits.def alert_controller @alert_controller

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to join the discussion below!You can make this code a lot neater, and more MVC compliant, by extending the behavior of def update_for_count(count) update_text_for_count(count) update_color_for_count(count) end private def update_text_for_count(count) mins = count / 60 secs = count % 60 = "d:d" % [mins, secs] end def update_color_for_count(count) if count 0 proportion = count / In25Mins.to_f color = UIColor.new_from_two_colors(UIColor.pomo_red_color, UIColor.pomo_green_color, proportion) else color = UIColor.pomo_grey_color end self.color = color end to build and launch your app; test your app to make sure it works as before.The changes you've made shouldn't have any impact on the appearance or performance of your app, but should make the code easier to maintain in the future!While there are a few different debouncing libraries available through Git Hub, I wanted to walk through some simple changes I can make to the Full Text Filter sample in Flex Grid101 to improve the user experience using this concept.Apple already provides you with NSTimer for scheduling when a particular method fires, which gives me a large chunk of what I’ll need.

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